Design and Technology Teachers Association


"Australia and the world need creative problem solvers, and that is exactly who we are developing in the primary and secondary schools every day! Join us during this exciting week to help promote and celebrate the amazingly creative and complex work our students and teachers undertake in the Design and Technology learning area.

We already know how important our students and their skills are for the future, let's now make everyone else aware! Go to the website and enrol your school's participation. Good luck and have fun!"

Peter Murphy - President

On the website you will find

  • National Design Competition - So You Think You Can Design
  • Design and Technology Classroom resources
  • Design and Technology Lessons for English, Maths, Science and Humanities
  • Extra-curricular ideas for Design and Technology Week 
  • List of events happening in each state
  • Promotional material
  • Makerspace tips
  • Links to useful videos and resources

Don't forget to register your school's involvement!

"Sounds Like" a Primary STEM workshop at Discovery Science & Technology Centre, Bendigo