Semester 2 2023

Welcome to the DATTA Australia Semester 2 Newsletter! As we dive into the second half of the year, we are excited to bring you the latest updates on what is happening in the State and Territory organisations.

New South Wales

The iTE NSW team has been working tirelessly to raise the profile of Design & Technologies education in NSW and to provide a range of professional learning opportunities for teachers.
The team have been collaborating with UpRising to offer HSC Design & Technology students the chance to connect with industry, business & community, to get feedback, test their ideas and prototypes & promote their final designs. At the end of July all projects are voted on by the UpRising Alliance group, with the top three projects / students invited to attend the international Good Design Australia Awards ceremony held at the ICC.
The annual NSW iTE  Education Conference Expo will be taking place in November, providing educators with the opportunity for networking, resource sharing, skill development and advancement, and to be kept abreast of current and future directions in STEM education, focusing on Engineering, Technologies, Industrial Arts and/or TAS.


The DATTA VIC committee has been collaborating with industry partners to facilitate an array of teacher professional learning. This initiative aims to enhance teachers’ industry knowledge and bring industry expertise into the classroom.
DATTA VIC are pleased to announce that after many years advocating for the teacher shortage, the DoE will be funding a free Graduate Certificate in Design & Technology Education to upskill out of field teachers.
Its been all hands on deck for the DATTA VIC committee with preparations underway for the VCE Product Design & Technologies Symposium on 18th August.
Don’t miss the upcoming DATTA VIC conference, which will feature keynote speakers and workshops focusing on new technologies and design trends.


With curriculum updates across Queensland, the DATTA QLD team has been working to provide support for teachers implementing the new Technologies curriculum. Watch out for upcoming Teach Meet webinars and resources to assist with curriculum planning and delivery, as well as the wide range of professional learning courses available through DATTA QLD to upskill teachers.
The prestigious DATTA QLD Excellence in Design Awards will be taking place later this year, celebrating outstanding student achievements in design and technology subjects.
Another successful conference was held in Brisbane in June. This year DATTA QLD offered a hybrid conference to expand the reach of the organisation to support members in rural and remote areas to access the wide range of professional learning available at the conference.
The 2023 Teacher Excellence Awards were announced at the conference. An opportunity to celebrate those exceptional educators in our learning area.

Western Australia

The DATTA WA committee has been actively engaging with schools and industry partners to promote design and technology education. They have organised a series of industry visits for teachers, allowing them to gain insights into real-world applications of design and technology.
Stay tuned for the DATTA WA Student Design Awards, which will recognise exceptional student projects across various design disciplines.
DATTA WA are the proud hosts of the National conference this year. Check out their website for details and to register for the event.

South Australia and Northern Territory

DATTA SA recently hosted a workshop in collaboration with the Visual Arts Educators Association of SA to provide networking and professional learning opportunities in the areas of Art and Design.

Australian Capital Territory

In the Australian Capital Territory, DATTA representatives have been actively working with local schools and government bodies to promote design and technology education. Stay connected with their websites for updates and events specific to each region.

Thank you for your continuous support.

We hope you find this summary informative and exciting. Remember to regularly check the DATTA Australia website and your State and Territory organisations’ websites for the latest news and events in the field of design and technology education.